Life In The Time of Coronavirus

I’ve been trying to write but my mind is whirling with what’s happening in the world. Here in Indiana schools are closed and may not reopen until the fall. Restaurants are carryout/delivery only. And, grocery store shelves are bare. You may believe everyone is over-reacting. As someone who is in the higher risk group (due to advanced kidney disease) we are NOT over-reacting. It’s scary to think I might contract a virus that could land me in the hospital on a ventilator.


We are entitled to our own opinion about the virus and how it has been handled. There seems to be three distinct groups:


1.      Group 1 - is group believes it’s nothing to worry about. This includes everyone on the beaches in Florida. Thanks for exposing yourself to this disease, I’m sure your family will appreciate the gift of illness that you might be bringing back from your spring break. I sincerely hope you don’t infect someone who is at high risk.


2.      Group 2 - This group is following all the recommendations. They are social distancing, staying home/working from home when possible. They realize it’s serious and it’s not just about their susceptibility, but that of everyone around them.


3.      Group 3 - This group knows this is serious and panicked. The hoarding is ridiculous and needs to stop. I understand the need to be prepared for an extended stay at home but seriously, who needs that much toilet paper? Seriously people, get a grip!


Yes, I get it. Social distancing is a pain in the butt. Your stuck at home helping your kids do e-learning, working your job remotely, or maybe you’re a food service worker who has been laid off. Personally, I was already off work due to my medical condition (I’m in the waiting period for SS disability). Some people who contract the virus have no symptoms and the virus can be transmitted before symptoms show up – this is why social distancing is so important.


More stores are announcing special hours for senior citizens to do their shopping, which I think is awesome. And some stores are closing, doing their part to help with social distancing by keeping people home.

So, regardless of what you believe, this shit is real. It is affecting life worldwide. Be kind, remember that grocery store clerks are probably overworked and probably have no idea when the next shipment of whatever it is your looking for will be in. We are all in this together and we need to step up and be responsible.


So, if you’re going stir crazy read a book, play a game, find a coloring app on your phone, try to keep your mind occupied.


Call your doctor if you feel sick and wash your damn hands!

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