A New Focus

Looking back, 2018 didn't go exactly as planned. In theory, I was going to figure out how to sell more books and be on my way to increasing sales so I could quit my day job. Well, that didn't happen, not even close.


Now, it's time to think about how I want 2019 to look and what needs to change to make that possible. These are not resolutions, more like continuous goals.


Writing goals - 8 full-length books and 1 novella written and released. Sounds impossible but I am determined. In order to do this I'll need your help to keep me on track. No more trolling Facebook for hours or playing Best Fiends continuously. Every spare minute will need to go toward increasing my word count or promoting my brand.  It will be like NaNoWriMo every month instead of just November.


Sales Goals - in order to quit my day job I will need to increase my monthly income from this author gig. So, along with increasing my output I will also need to be increasing my marketing knowledge and putting new ideas/theories into practice.  Another way to increase income is through swag so I've started a swag store (you can check it out here). There's only one item so far but I will be adding more soon. 


I hope you'll come along for the ride - it's going to be interesting!


Love and dog kisses,



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